Terms and Conditions:

1. Take off all the paper that is attached to the front and inside of the book cover. We will discard it without scanning it.

2. Customers are responsible for complying with all of the copyright laws, as stated in our Terms and Conditions that Scanbuku.com is not responsible for copyright violation or any illegitimate conduct. By placing an order, a customer fully complies with these Terms and Conditions as well as with the copyright laws as regulated by the government of Republic of Indonesia.

3. Our calculating system resembles that of standard page numbering of a book (one physical piece of paper is equal to two separate pages). We usually suggest our customers open the last page of the book, and then add several additional pages for the indexes, content, attachment, etc. The empty pages in the front and back of the book are not counted. However, please count the total number of your pages as accurate as possible. An order which contains a significant difference in the number of pages may be marked as low priority and are very likely to be delayed until the difference in page numbers is paid off.

4. Our fee calculation mechanism is that we charge by set per book (1 set = 100 pages, the charge of 1 set is subject to the valid tariff). For instance, for 1 book that you have with a total of 150 pages; you will pay the charge for 2 sets. If you have 2 books, with the first one consisting of 150 pages and the second one of 140 pages, you will be charged for 4 sets (each book is independently counted, not the total pages of all books).

5. The book will be trimmed around 0.5 cm from the left border (the binder). If some glue is still there, this part will be re-trimmed. We are not responsible for the book content that gets cut during the trimming process.

6. The book that has been through the scanning process will not be returned (unless there is a request to rebind and/or re-send the book).

7. If there is a failure in the book digitalization process, causing the processed book to be completely useless, customers will be indemnified for the loss up to maximum 10% of the book digitalization cost.

8. In the event of natural disasters (flood, storm, earthquake, etc) which cause the damage to the book that is being processed/failure in the digitalization process, customers will not be indemnified.

9. We do not scan some selected pages out of several books. When a customer sends a book to us, we assume that he or she needs the entire book to be scanned.

10. The estimation of each scanning process period takes around 3-5 days per book; however it is largely subject to our waiting list. During the peak season, the process is likely to take longer than the estimated period of time.

11. In the event of cancellation by the customer during the scanning process, all of the costs will not be returned. The books that are not scanned yet will be returned once the customer agrees with the book returning costs. Customers are fully responsible for the entire book returning costs and these are a separate cost.

12. We are not liable for the book damage or loss during the delivery from the customers to the premise of Scanbuku.com.

13. The books that have been scanned will be uploaded to the internet and customers shall receive a temporary address (only valid for 2 days from the notification delivery) for downloading; the notification will be sent via e-mail and/or SMS. The book format is PDF; if necessary, other formats can be previously discussed.

14. Customers are given 2 days to download the book(s) and check the results, as from the date of e-mail/SMS. After the given period is over, Scanbuku.com will delete the file and discard the processed books.

15. If the book(s) arrive with other valuable items, we are not responsible for them.

16. The results of the scan may vary depending on the book condition and scanning process. Scanbuku.com don't perform manual page-by-page inspection and proof reading for OCR accuracy. Scanbuku.com don't guarantee perfect OCR results. Results from scanned books will be added watermark "scanned for (Your Name)"

17. If there is some handwriting in ink/pencil in the book, it will also be scanned.

18. Book pages that are torn or cut shall not be processed.

19. Book size that can be scanned is maximum the size of A4 paper and minimum 6 x 6 cm. Paper kind/type/weight per page is maximum 80 gr. We will not process the book covers (both front and back cover).

20. If customers violate any of these Terms and Conditions, Scanbuku.com shall terminate the process with prior notice.

21. Customers agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Scanbuku.com including its directors, officers, and employees from and against any claims, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses which include, without limitation, attorney's costs and fees, which arise out of or in any way related to:
a. your accessing to or using of Scanbuku.com services,
b. your infringement of these Terms and Conditions
c. your infringement of any right of the third party, which include, with no limitation, all intellectual property rights, which include, but not limited to, right of attribution, confidentiality, publicity, property or privacy right.

22. Scanbuku.com holds the right to cease providing or alter the entire of these Terms and Conditions with no prior notice at all time.

23. These Terms and Conditions represent the entire and exclusive agreement between Scanbuku.com and customers in regard to the services, site and content.